Years 5/6

Curriculum Overview

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Year 5/6 Curriculum Overview


We follow the Programme of Study for the English National Curriculum, integrating:

Speaking and listening

Reading – through shared texts in lessons, guided reading, the Accelerated Reading programme, library sessions and class books

Writing- through teaching writing skills and applying them to different genres of writing. We link our writing to “real-life” situations and to our topic learning. We teach higher order thinking skills in English to encourage independence and to help pupils develop into active, self-aware learners.


We follow the Programme of Study for the English National Curriculum covering the following strands:

Using and Applying (Problem solving)
Shape, Space and Measures
Handling data

We place emphasis on “real-life” problems and investigative skills. The use of higher order thinking questions teaches our pupils to become excellent problem solvers.


We follow a Science scheme which covers a range of topics. We also teach a range of skills , including prediction, observation and evaluation.

Year 5 science topics include; Earth and Space, Forces, Changing and Separating Materials and Plant Lifecycles

Year 6 science topics include; Living Things and their Habitats, Animals including Humans, Light and How We See Things, Electricity and Evolution and Inheritance.

Topic based learning

Our topics are based are around History and Geography units from the National Curriculum. Through these topics we teach a number of skills and the subjects include:

History, Geography, Computing, Technology and Middle Eastern Studies

Year 5 topics include; The Ancient Greeks, Britain’s settlement by Anglo-Saxons and Scots, A local study, The British Commonwealth and The Living Earth.

Year 6 topics include; Britain Since the 1930’s (World War II), Raging Rivers, India, A local study, The Indus Valley and The Romans.

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