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Mr Alfons Vinent

Head of Secondary School 


2013-2017 results

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Mr Lee Marsh

Deputy Head of Secondary School 


On behalf of the staff at BISAK Secondary, I bid you a warm welcome and invite you to visit the secondary school and join the BISAK community.

BISAK is organised according to the English and Welsh Education system whereby Secondary is divided into Key Stages 3, 4 and 5. Key Stage 3, which covers Years 7-9 and follows the National Curriculum for England and Wales. Key Stage 4, which covers Years 10 and 11 follows either GCSE or IGCSE courses with examinations after a 2 year course. Key Stage 5, which covers Years 12 and 13 and follows the AS Level course in Year 12 and the A2 Level course in Year 13.

The British International School Al Khobar is an educational community that provides diverse and challenging learning experiences. We understand and appreciate that children learn in a multitude of different ways and that, as within any international school, there will be children from a wide variety of backgrounds who bring with them a wealth of different strengths, experiences and interests. Our school motto is ‘Let There Be Peace on Earth’ and we positively encourage all of our students to adopt a truly international outlook as global citizens.

We have high expectations of our students, motivating and encouraging them to achieve their own personal goals and dreams. We want all of our students to be resilient, independent and responsible learners by the time they leave us, ready to tackle the challenges of the workplace or higher levels of study at University.

Our GCSE and GCE results consistently place us in the top 200 schools in the UK, which shows that our pupils consistently rise to the challenges that they have been set and we work hard with them to attain these standards in all aspects of school life.

We look forward to working in partnership with you to provide your children with the optimum learning experience throughout their time at BISAK Secondary.

Alfons Vinent
Head of Secondary School

Welcome to BISAK Secondary School