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Personal Social Health Education

At BISAK, the PSHE education programme follows the guidelines defined by schools inspectorate Ofsted and PSHE Association.  In our international setting the programme is structured to help our pupils develop fully as individuals and as members of families and social and economic communities. We aim to equip our young people with the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and practical skills to live healthily, safely, productively and responsibly.


At BISAK we have covered topics ranging from: Bullying, Healthy Living, Social Media and Internationalism to name a few. During the lessons, pupils are given the opportunity to explore, discuss, investigate and share their opinions about the topic for each session. Although tutors supervise the lesson, it is down to the pupils within their tutor settings to freely discuss the topic, sharing what they know and try as much as possible to make a difference.  On Occasions we also use appropriate aged films/documentaries to reinforce a particular message.


In PSHE we aim to use a variety of learning styles, to ensure that our pupils develop their knowledge, skills and attributes they need to manage many of the critical opportunities, challenges and responsibilities they will face as they grow up and face in the world today.


By teaching pupils through our PSHE programme and academic work to stay safe and healthy, and by building self-esteem, resilience and empathy, this allows us as a school to tackle barriers to learning, raise aspirations, and improve the life chances of all our pupils. 

Personal, Social and Health Economic Education @ BISAK