Politics is the art or science of influencing people on a civic or individual level when more than two people are involved. Its main focus is on democracy and the relationship between people and politics. It is thought of the way we choose government officials and make decisions about public policy. The actual word comes from the GREEK word “politikos “of or for relating to the citizens. It also refers to achieving and excising position of governance.

Government is the system that decides the state of affairs for any given community, state or country. This where often new rules and laws are made. The word government comes from

Politics is a subject in which you are expected to take an interest in, and to be critical about, the way in which any country is run, and more broadly the world around you. We study issues concerned with who really has power in the UK, and about how the system could be improved.  In the A2 course we study ideologies such socialism, liberalism, conservatism and anarchism to come to conclusions about what an ideal society would look like - or perhaps to come to the conclusion that an ideal society is an unrealistic fantasy.   

Specific questions we will be seeking to answer in the AS course include: Is the UK truly democratic? Why do we have political parties?  Are Referendums really necessary? Are decisions sometimes made according to “who shouts loudest”? Does parliament run the country?  Should it?  Is the prime minister like an elected monarch?  Are our civil rights protected? Why do countries really need Constitutions?

How am I assessed what specific content is on the course?

You will study two main course- UK Politics at AS level and Political Ideologies at A2 level.

The exam board is Edexcel.

You will sit four exams. Each is equally weighted 25% of your total A-level and there is no coursework at any point. No January Exams or resits.

SUMMER OF YEAR 12 (50% of whole A-Level) See below Units 1 and 2 SUMMER OF YEAR 13 (50% of whole A-Level).

Humanities - Politics

Key Stage 5 Politics

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