Physical Education

Core PE

In year 10 and 11 pupils choose 10 sports that they wish to play over the course of the year. These can include the more traditional sports, such as Netball and Football, but can also include activities such as Ultimate Frisbee, Pop lacrosse or Trampolining. Pupils are also given more responsibilities within the lesson such as coaching and umpiring.

Sports Leaders

Instead of one lesson of core PE, pupils can opt to complete the Sports Leaders Award. This is a recognized award originating from the UK and is aimed at giving children the opportunity to learn leadership skills. Over the year pupils learn how to lead a sporting session, how to coach young children and how to organise sporting events. They have three assessments: Working in small groups and taking a year KS1 PE lesson, helping to organise Sports Day and running a Dance Festival for year 2.

Key Stage 3 pupils continue to refine skills learnt in primary school and are now starting to take part in specific games. Girls and boys follow slightly different curricullums which include, fitness, volleyball, football, rounders, cricket, netball, athletics, basketball, gymnastics, badminton, handball, dance, trampolining, tennis, swimming and rugby. Pupils take part in inter-house competitions at the end of each sport and have the opportunity to work towards certificates in both swimming and athletics.  

Key Stage 3 -5 BISAK Curriculum Overview P.E.

Key Stage 4

Key stage 3

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