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Key Stage 3 -5 BISAK Curriculum Overview MUSIC

The Music GCSE is focused on exploring different areas of study and developing musical skills. The syllabus is split into three assessment units: Performing Music, Composing Music and Music (Listening & Appraising).

The course covers four areas of study: Instrumental Music 1700-1820, Vocal Music, Music for Stage and Screen and Fusions. There are two set pieces in each area that will be examined in the Listening exam including for example Star Wars main title and Queen’s ‘Killer Queen’.

During this course pupils are expected to develop instrumental or vocal skills for individual and group performance, develop listening and appraisal skills and compose in different areas of study.

Key Stage 3

For Key Stage 3 lessons focus on practical skills through the study of the key musical genres of performing, listening, composing and musical understanding.

In Year 7, course content includes: West African Music, Electronic Music, Composition and Music Structures. This is developed in year 8.

Year 8 with: Arrangements, Variations and Jazz Improvisation. In

Year 9, we examine Song Writing, Qawwali, Film Music and The Concerto. 

Secondary Music in BISAK promotes quality, creativity, understanding of music and performance skills. Secondary bands and choir often perform in and outside school premises for varied audiences giving performers a full musical experience.

BISAK has an instrumental music programme which is conducted by a professional instructor. The programmme comprises of lessons in piano, violin, viola, clarinet, flute and saxaphone. 


Music Department

Mr A Henriques