Key Stage 5

Senior School BISAK

Curriculum Overview Spanish

Key Stage 3

Pupils are given the option to study a foreign language at GCSE level.  It is our aim that pupils develop a deeper understanding of the elements of culture and language that are appropriate for their age and interests at this level. Topics that must be covered include Healthy Lifestyles, Leisure time, Home and Environment and Work and Education, but this is complemented by extra cultural material to suit the group and individuals in question. By the end of the course, pupils should be able to converse and write at length on these topics and to display a mastery of a broad range of linguistic structures, tenses and vocabulary.

Key Stage 4

Pupils entering Year 7 study French, Spanish and Arabic, regardless of their ability, and they will continue to study their chosen language throughout Key Stage 3. The aim of the language courses is to allow the pupils to develop an understanding of how language works and to lay solid grammatical and lexical foundations so that they are able to express themselves clearly and adventurously. The topics covered include family, home, town, healthy lifestyles, hobbies and interests and holidays.

In all languages, the aim is to develop the necessary skills for GCSE, culminating in listening, speaking, reading and writing assessments during and at the end of Year 9 that closely match the GCSE specification. By the end of Key Stage 3, pupils will have been exposed to the 3 main tenses.

The language subjects place great emphasis on assessment for learning, promoting the pupils’ self-evaluation and the setting of tangible targets, all of which actively engage the pupils in the learning process.

Modern Foreign Languages and Arabic

​​​Mrs Y Dasouki 

Mrs E Annoni    

Mr A Gonzalez        

Mrs R AbouZeid

Mrs L Salem      

Mrs R Hijazi            

Mrs I Assaf                   

Senior School BISAK Curriculum Overview Arabic

We give pupils the opportunity to further develop their linguistic skills and interest in French and Spanish as well as culture to a level so that they can develop specialised knowledge of particular topics that they are not familiar with, as well as in-depth knowledge of the topic areas they are required to know; these include the Environment, Multicultural Society and Contemporary Social Issues. Our aim is to create a scenario where teacher and learner roles are blurred, ideas bounce off each other and purposeful higher-order thinking is attained.

This aim can only be achieved once grammatical structures are secure and much of the Year 12 course is spent ensuring that this is the case. In addition, higher-order thinking can only take place if certain skills are developed; these include reading for detail, inference, initiative and structuring an argument and are facilitated by the teachers who tailor this development according to the requirements of the individuals and the group.

Senior School BISAK Curriculum Overview French