​The aims and objectives of the Pearson Edexcel Level 3 Advanced GCE in

Economics B are to enable students to:

● develop an interest in, and enthusiasm for, the subject

● appreciate the contribution of economics to the understanding of the wider economic and social environment

● develop an understanding of a range of concepts and an ability to use those concepts in a variety of different contexts

● use an enquiring, critical and thoughtful approach to the study of economics and develop an ability to think as an economist

● understand that economic behaviour can be studied from a range of perspectives

● develop analytical and quantitative skills, together with qualities and attitudes that will equip them for the challenges, opportunities and responsibilities of adult and working life.

Business Studies IGCSE

Economics IGCSE

The course is designed to give pupils a sound understanding of business and the ability to use knowledge, skills and understanding appropriately in the context of international markets and the United Kingdom (UK). 

​The Edexcel International GCSE in Business Studies qualification enables pupils to:

• develop an interest in, and enjoyment of, business subjects that will be sustained in later life.

• use relevant terminology, concepts and methods effectively and recognise the strengths and limitations of the ideas used 

• develop and apply their knowledge, understanding and skills to current issues in a wide range of appropriate international and UK contexts

• use an enquiring, critical approach to distinguish between facts and opinion and evaluate qualitative and quantitative data, to help build arguments and make informed judgements.

• appreciate the range of different stakeholder perspectives in relation to business activities.

• have an understanding of the dynamics of business activity and the related considerations of ethics and sustainability in business.

The Edexcel IGCSE in Economics is designed as a two-year course. As students progress through the course they are introduced to new ideas and concepts while continuing to use and reinforce previously learned concepts and skills.

The course is designed to give students a sound understanding of economics, and the ability to use knowledge, skills and understanding appropriately in the context of individual countries and the global economy.

​The Edexcel IGCSE in Economics qualification enables students to:

• develop an understanding of economic concepts and apply these concepts to real-life situations

• interpret and evaluate economic data in order to make reasoned arguments and informed judgements

• develop an awareness of economic change and its impact on developing and developed economies

• understand economic issues, problems and possible solutions that affect mixed economies

• participate effectively in society as citizens, producers and consumers.

Economics A-Level

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