Key stage 5  A-Level

English and Drama combine to make a creative learning experience at BISAK.  We focus on developing communications skills not only crucial for school, college and university success, but also for the broader context of the real world.  However, we also use literature to explore our world and our place in it, providing opportunities to discover new perspectives.  Our aim is for pupils to master the language through manipulating it in presentation to others as well as analysing the written word.  

Key Stage 3

Edexcel GCE A Level English Literature builds on the experiences of our students at iGCSE level and challenges them to extend their understanding of complex texts.  This is a course that forms a strong foundation in the skills of analysis, evaluation and essay writing needed for university.

Edexcel International A Level English Language explores the development of English as a global language (which our students experience firsthand) as well as investigating how language varies according to context and identity.


Key stage 4 Courses

English and Drama

​English and Drama

Mrs J Adams

Ms M Hursthouse

Mrs S Choudhury

Ms C Cooke          

We provide four courses following Edexcel iGCSE.

English Language is a course designed for first language speakers, but we strive for all of our pupils to take this course.  The texts that we study are nonfiction, real world texts relevant to the present day.  Pupils are assessed on their reading and writing skills, both through coursework (40%) and an exam (60%).  Pupils are also able to take a separate speaking and listening certificate where they will be awarded a pass, merit or distinction.

English Literature is more focused on our literary heritage and students study poetry, plays and a novel.  We investigate the way meaning is formed, cultivating a sophisticated understanding of the nuances of the English language.

English as a Second Language is an opportunity for pupils to demonstrate their English language skills to further and higher education institutions as well as to employers.  Only open to pupils who are not native English speakers, this course proves how competent our students are at reading and writing.  Pupils are also entered for a spoken English certificate, which is graded separately.

Drama is a course designed to allow students to express themselves in a creative manner, whilst improving essential skills of analysis and evaluation.  Pupils explore drama texts and interpret them in a practical and theoretical way.

Key Stage 3 -5 BISAK Curriculum Overview English and Drama

Throughout Yr 7-9 our pupils work to form a strong foundation in language skills, namely reading, writing and speaking and listening.  Making the most of the freedom given to us by the English National Curriculum, we read a variety of books, articles, plays and poetry in order to understand the writer’s craft.  Pupils build on this learning, applying the same techniques in their own writing, whilst also honing their grammar skills.  The spoken word is also a vital element of KS3 and English and Drama work together to increase confidence and creativity in presenting, or performing, ideas.